19. The CGIB CHIP Plan with Dave Patriarche

Strides are constantly being made in the group benefits industry to better support employers who can then better support their employees.

In this episode, Lorne Curry sits down with Dave Patriarche, founder of Canadian Group Insurance Brokers (CGIB), as they talk about a new program that CGIB is offering. Dave saw a need in the industry to provide more specific technical training geared towards the complexities of group benefits, and speaks about how he addressed this need.

Dave discusses: 

  • Why CGIB felt the need to create a pooled hybrid plan, and why they thought employers needed it
  • How a pooled program works to better protect employers and employees
  • Why CGIB chose to partner with Benefits by Design to implement their program
  • How the program works and compares to a traditional benefit program
  • And more


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