Episode 8 – The Benefits of the Virtual Doctor’s Office

Sitting in a waiting room at the Doctor’s office or Emergency Room can take hours! Thanks to virtual Doctor’s Offices, that wait time can be shortened to as little as twenty minutes! 

In this episode, Lorne Curry discusses the benefits of virtual healthcare and how Canadians are responding to it. Lorne touches on how this new technology might fit into your benefits planning! 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The need for virtual healthcare  
  • How virtual healthcare professionals interact with your family doctor 
  • Different ways you can connect with virtual healthcare professionals  
  • What virtual healthcare professionals can assist with 
  • And more!

Tune in now to hear how Canadians are responding to virtual healthcare and how you could be taking advantage of it too! 

Resources: Lorne Curry | Curry Financial Group | Group Benefits headquarters